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  • Roy Bahat

    Roy Bahat

    Head of Bloomberg Beta, investing in the best startups creating the future of work. Alignment: Neutral good

  • Shirshanka Das

    Shirshanka Das

    CEO and Co-Founder, Acryl Data

  • By Shruti Gandhi

    By Shruti Gandhi

    Enterprise DeepTech Engineer & Investor at Array Ventures (www.array.vc). AI/ML, Robotics, and BigData.

  • Priyanka Somrah 🦋

    Priyanka Somrah 🦋

    VC Analyst @Work-Bench, investing in #nextgenterprise

  • Jessica Lin

    Jessica Lin

    co-founder & VC @Work_Bench | GED educator | rethinking work

  • Prukalpa


    Cofounder @atlanHQ — Modern Collaborative Workspace for Data Teams @forbes 30u30 and @fortune 40u40, @TED speaker www.atlan.com

  • Barr Moses

    Barr Moses

    Co-Founder and CEO, Monte Carlo (www.montecarlodata.com). @BM_DataDowntime #datadowntime

  • Sequoia


    From idea to IPO and beyond, we help the daring build legendary companies. Follow our publication for more Sequoia perspectives: https://seq.vc/Sequoia-pub

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