Your startup as a formula

Sales cycle duration

  1. Sales qualified lead
  2. Discovery
  3. Solution validation
  4. Proposal & negotiation
  5. Finalizing & close
  • Time-saved: How many people do this task today, what are their wages, and by what percentage can you reduce the time spent on an activity?
  • Build vs. buy: What would it take to build this product from scratch considering the wages of those involved, the costs to maintain an internally built solution, and the infrastructure needed to produce a home-grown solution?
  • Process automation: What inputs to this process might be eliminated and what are the costs of those inputs in the current process?
  • Risk avoidance: What is the financial impact to the organization if the risk becomes realized?

Ramp faster

Increase your average contract value (ACV)




Investor at Vertex Ventures.

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Chase Roberts

Chase Roberts

Investor at Vertex Ventures.

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